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Aldo Clementi – fragments and symmetries
SAK 4610-9
Some compose great oceans, often in stormy weather. Some compose complicated water systems, with lakes, rivulets, streams, sluices. Some compose little pools of water. Several of Aldo Clementi's works are such pools. But beware: if you step into them you won't see the bottom. But you will see the heavens reflected in their surface. Who knows, maybe from a heavenly perspective Clementi's collection of small water pools makes up an informal pattern, obvious but beyond words?

Aldo Clementi was born in 1925.
He is one of the truly great masters of our time.

On this double-CD pianists Mats Persson and Kristine Scholz perform almost everything the composer has written for one and two pianists – including Catene simmetriche, the half hour long masterwork for two pianos from 2004.
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Christian Wolff – incidental miscellany

Incidental Music for piano
Keyboard Miscellany
Melodica Melodies

all performed by the composer

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Photo: Stefan Kristensson
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